Van Gogh and World Bipolar Day





I learned something interesting today… World Bipolar Day is celebrated on Vincent Van Gogh’s birthday, March 30th.

A few months before the publication of Defective, I spoke with Daphne Schlesinger about doing the cover.  She agreed to do it and asked if I had any ideas of what I wanted.

“A vase of daisies,” I told her. “One of the daisies needs to be broken.” The broken daisy needed to be special. I wanted it to enhance the beauty of the bouquet by adding a uniqueness to it, which would emphasize the message from the book-we all have defects, but we are not defective.

The final request I presented to Daphne was to ask her if she could paint the cover with a Van Gogh flavor—à la Starry Night, completely unaware of what Van Gogh represents to the bipolar community.

A natural affinity I guess.

 Thanks Daphne for the perfect cover and Happy birthday Mr. Van Gogh.  I’m proud to be in the same category as you.

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